Learn The Signs of the ConArtist

We all love arts but if there is one thing we hate in arts, that would be the conartists

There is really no way if someone is lying so there is no way to spot deception and outrightly say, “you are not telling the truth”. There is no such thing as the Pinocchio’s nose. There is no real sign to tell the other that the other is lying and cannot be trusted according to psychologist Dubai.

However, we can learn to recognize some of the persuasive techniques that people might use to try to get us on their side. The downside of recognition though is for us to like the person. And when we learn to like someone, it makes it difficult to recognize the signs that the person is lying and not to be trusted because your mind is already subjective.

How do conartists get you to like them?

We get to like people who share the same likes and dislikes. In some note, these people are somewhat similar to us. And conartists will use this as an advantage to them. They will perhaps start with telling you, you are familiar and that they’ve been seeing you around. Note that they have spied on you already that’s why you are a good target for them.

The conversation will start in a very familiar aspect that you really like and they will bring you into that conversation until they reach their goal. Conartists are very patient. They wait until they get your trust and at the most vulnerable times, they attack.

Confirm facts

It is hard to recognize this but regardless it is something to be on the look out for. Your red flags should be all up all the time and it is always best to check his resources. Meaning if he mentioned a friend that you know but has not been in touched with for a very long time, you might as well give this person a call and confirm some facts.

Friendship that advances very quickly

If someone comes into your life in the most odd way and advances very quickly, it is something to be alert about. This is something hard to do and it’s like literally saying do not make new friends. But if friendship started in an odd manner like suddenly someone bumped into you and just like a small world it escalated to friendship in a very quick manner, and then sooner asks for a big request from you that involves either financial information, bank accounts, or even your house, your car, or any of your assets so dear to you, this should have already set all alarms ringing.

We are by nature friendly and socialble. We want to make friends, meet new friends, and quite possibly travel to meet friends of friends. While this is a good part of our nature, it is also something that conartists take advantage on. So always be alarmed about these signs.

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