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Designers Techniques the creative way – There are styles, technique, and strategies for making an artwork. Each of these approaches has its distinguishing process. The graphic artist should, therefore, familiarize himself nicely with a specific technique before adopting and using it for the creation of a graphic design product. Examples of some of the methods in the illustration are:

Pen and ink – This is using pencil and ink to draw the outlines of the drawing and using some of the methods to bring the types at the drawing out. It’s used for examples in magazines, newspapers, and books.

Colour painting – without a gradation in tone, the colors are painted flat In this technique. These segments of the drawings’ borders are sharp and distinct, setting the difference. It’s used for examples in storybooks, street signs, greeting cards etc..

Realistic painting – This is the drawing of items to show terrific details as they really appear in character. It’s used for advertising, fashion magazine and examples in publications.

Silhouette – This is the creating of a drawing in pencil’s outlines and filling the part uniformly with ink or paint. Drawings don’t reveal details. They’re used for street signs, bundle symbols, illustrations in vogue magazines etc..

Cartooning – This is the introduction of funny or figures with forms. This illustration method is used for illustrating kids books, papers, magazines etc..

Photography – This is the shooting of shots of scenes and objects by using a camera. It provides the likeness of scenes and these objects. Pictures are used for posters, magazines, newspapers etc.