Fairs 2013 NewYork

Philosophy: The immortality – It’s a funny thing, indeed, I had been considering immortal spiritual nature and came up with this report. the body could be maimed, hurt, harmed or anything may happen to it. But the spirit doesn’t scar, and the brain itself doesn’t bleed. Sure, there are ideas of suffering and pain, don’t get me wrong. However, the reality of the truth is that nothing actually gets damaged and it really is a procedure. When I consider the real nature of spiritual reality and all energy, immortality and constant change aren’t the exceptions, they’re the rule.

Indeed, the more complex the form, the more change up it will in fact. So, what if consciousness grows greater with every transformation upward, describing the biblical phenomenon of angelic beings from previous human types and such? The energy only changes domains it doesn’t stop existing.

If I think that any energy really leaves presence rather than changes, then that would really not be logical, realistic or functioning in accord with comprehension of any genuinely rational sort. Allow me to explain that now. Is it true that the energy only changes domain names? Is there a type of reincarnation of that prior consciousness that energy occupied? Or is it all gone, never to be viewed in any form? Well, Here’s What I believe:

Sure, I’ve got some answers, opinion, and conjecture here. Oh, if you’ll notice, I’ve mostly rational questions which help fill in some puzzles for many who read knowingly, not so many replies. So, immortality is just energy “changing upward” rather than destroying itself. After all, what’s the principle behind frequency domain changes and atom changing cyclotron machines anyway?

After all, the actual character of energy when it comes down to it is immortal, and not deadly anyway when we actually look at things. The forms may change, but the truth of energy doesn’t. So, once we think of immortality, it all comes down to the upward shift of vibrations, actually rather than the downward shifts of vibrations. Wood vibrates down to ash when shifted or burnt, and consciousness vibrates to greater energy when changed up.