Artistic Projects with Coconuts

You will find artists but there’s hardly any consciousness about patronizing coconuts.  Hodonu simply wanted something special and because coconuts are about art so why don’t we utilize them.  He starts within an exhibition space the creator of Whispering Palms Resort, Badagry.  A professor has awarded him at the calm get-away to exhibit his works. His pick of coconut shells, he continues because he’s from Badagry. What folks do around here is to consume the material and use the shell to generate fire. There are many uses of coconuts. It’s also for cosmetics such as liquid coconut oil lip balm or coconut oil for make up remover. However, he understands you could make something cute from coconuts what they understand as waste.

Making Sculptures with Coconuts

Making the sculptures requires at least a few weeks since you need to decrease the coconut, remove the debris, then dry them and use sand paper to clean them indoors and out. Thereafter, you need to cut them to the desired shapes.

Their seeming fragility however, the artist guarantees the artworks are extremely durable. There is no anxiety about termite or other pests. The sole problem is fire. However, aside from that, there’s not any issue. He began working and that he simply uses a while and keep the remainder and had some of those cubes for a long time.

The usage of jar tops isn’t original to him rather than use metal tops just like a range of artists does he preferred for the ones that are plastic. We can’t do exactly the exact same thing, there needs to be variety. On each day, students will require soft drink and toss away the bottle; occasionally. However, they told them we could make something from the, therefore we started choosing the caps bit by bit.

He’s planning towards choosing involving art and teaching art but for the time being, he’s still able to unite both.

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