Cool Christmas Lighting – A Gift To The Community

Have you been to the neighborhood of Livermore, California? For many years, every year on Christmas season, you can find a great display of Christmas lights. According to residents in the neighborhood, the Christmas lighting is the idea of Deacon Dave. While it’s not as grand as the Holiday Decorating of NJ, it brings inner peace and unexplained joy to all who views it.

Deacon Dave’s elaborate display of Christmas lighting started when he was ordained as a Deacon in the neighborhood Catholic Church. Deacon Dave’s family always loved Christmas. In fact, his grandmother always dressed like Mrs. Claus which she loved doing every year.

The display this year started on November 30th, 6:30 in the evening. The video below was from 2017 Christmas lighting during the opening. Video courtesy of YouTube (db1234tube).

2017 Deacon Dave’s Christmas Lights

The Christmas display and decorations had been the work of many hands, a design team and volunteers in the community. Deacon Dave choose the theme and the whole team of volunteers put their hands on it.

“All lights are turned off, there’s a candlelight procession along with the choral group coming down the street,” Jeanie says. “Deacon Dave goes on to bless the lights. Then after, the theme of the year is revealed. Every light is a symbol of peace. When the lights are turned on, it always bring a breathtaking experience.” – Jeanie Haigh, Deacon Dave Christmas Lighting Coordinator

Admission is free but they accept donations for a local community program. All funds obtained would go to a program called Santa’s Secret Service that had been in Livermore for more than 40 years. It gives Santa, carolers as well as presents to nursing homes and shelters at no charge. Expenses incurred by the display are paid for by Deacon Dave and his volunteers

All the efforts done is fulfilling to all volunteers especially to Jeanie Haigh who had been acting as the coordinator of Deacon Dave. In an interview with HGTV, she said the event had been fulfilling personally.

“Seeing everyone enjoying the Christmas display, loving the work put in, and seeing them leave with smiles and obvious happiness in their faces makes it all worth the efforts. I sound corny, however it really brings warmth within to see somebody who has been frustrated or lonely then seeing them filled with hope is something money can’t buy. We certainly have several testimonies our guests have contributed. A woman was residing in her car and her son, and so they visit each night mainly because it was some kind of a getaway. The lady eventually told us her story. We at some point helped her connect with housing and find a job.” Jeanie Haigh / HGTV

So next time you are at Liverpool, check out the amazing Christmas light display. Feel the spirit of Christmas and be part of a generous community who wants to make a change in simple ways.

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