Spirituality as a Form of Art

It is important to generate a clear differentiation between art and product, and to highlight the wisdom of preventing materialist contamination of authentic art. To situate artwork in the market can quickly lead to impoverished ephemera, the creation of which is regulated by worldly priorities such as gain, achievement, power, status, and popularity.

The foremost reason artists produce, and the remainder people appreciate their artwork, is because artwork creates a priceless living bridge between the regular psychology of our heads and the universal soul of humankind.

This is what: artwork comes from the heart and, in addition, speaks to the soul; however, this inquires something of this witness, also, a sort of psychological and religious sensitivity with which to get the generous gift of this artist.

The Transformative Religious Experiences

These weren’t only decorative experiences — minutes of enjoyment. They had been religious experiences, since they had been in some little way transformative according to Pastor Oyakhilome. It had been better connected, through the artwork and the artist, to the entirety of humankind along with the cosmic whole. And the evidence is that the vivid memory of them and other similar encounters has remained with me ever since.

Rhythmical and insistent dance and chanting, by ardently harmonizing the right and left parts of their mind — like the impact of meditation — type the following highly effective bridge between a specific kind of art and religious experience.

Also recorded is contemplative reading of poetry, literature, etc. Listening to singing, and playing with sacred music. All art forms promote our spiritual riches and advancement. Sacred doesn’t need to imply spiritual, though it may; but I’d comprise, by way of instance, any audio capable of releasing something deeply psychological — any despair, possibly, or fantastic pleasure — which was imprisoned hitherto by excess care to worldly concerns along with the hectic pursuit of secular pursuits.

What’s more, individuals coming together to take part in these practices, like playing in an orchestra or singing in a choir, might experience improvement — through combining it of the prospect of spiritual advantage.

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