Artful Kitchen: Appliance Makeover

If you want your kitchen appliance to be colorful, you’ll have to buy a brand new one, right? Not really! These amazingly fast and affordable ideas will assist you in switching up the appearance of your kitchen appliances.

Are your generic-looking appliances making you yawn? If you do not have budget to purchase a new one, don’t fret.

You don’t need to settle for boring.

There are simple ways to add pizzazz to your current kitchen appliances without breaking the bank:

Replace parts

Before getting creative with your kitchen equipment, be certain they are all in good working condition. Want a new ice maker to your ice box or new silverware holders to your commercial dishwashers? New knobs and replacement grips can quickly and easily refresh the appearance of your current appliances.

Appliance paint

Do you want a striking, bright red refrigerator? It is achievable using appliance paint. Brush or spray paint it. If you plan on painting your stove hood, be sure to use heat-resistant paint and leave the stove top as it is as heat-resistant pain has its limit.

Washi tape

Unleash your inner artist by utilizing washi tape. It’s similar to masking tape but with lots of patterns and colors. Washi tape is made of trees indigenous to japan, and it’s as strong as duct tape. Get creative and use it to decorate your appliances patterns, geometric designs, stripes or whatever that your crafty heart desires. While there’s heat-resistant washi tape available, be sure to check the temperature limitation before applying it to an appliance which warms up, such as your toaster.

Stainless appliances

Give your appliances a stainless look by utilizing stainless panels. They are magnetic sheets that may be custom-trimmed to fulfill your appliances, and so they’re a snap to install. These panels come in all sorts of sleek designs, colors and prints, not just silver. Your kitchen will probably be transformed in minutes!

Glue vinyl

Use adhesive vinyl. It comes in sheets, and there’s practically all sorts of colors to select from. Cut it in shapes, designs, even letters and create a masterpiece of design with your refrigerator or dishwasher as your own canvas. This system will not farewell with extreme temps, so attentively read product guidelines and steer clear of this cooker and oven to be safe.

Decorate with photos of family and friends

Find some vivid or humorous magnets to cover the whole front of your fridge and decorate it with photos of family and friends. If you’re hosting a dinner party, change it up and cover it with your guests’ photos. It’ll turn your older fridge into a conversation art piece that people would gather around.

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